About Us

About us

Our Story

SuperNimbus was founded by Sean Durkan & David O’ Neill. 

Sean and David started their respective careers as frontend Unity developers. Their paths crossed in 2015 while working for GameSparks where they specialised in backend development and professional services. Later, bringing their experience to Amazon GameTech, they expanded their skills to AWS core services, GameLift and Twitch.

SuperNimbus was founded in 2019 to fill a market gap for backend technologies and cloud support to game development studios of any size. We expanded our team in 2020 to meet growing demands for our services and we are looking forward to 2021. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver, push boundaries, learn, upskill and optimize. 

We believe in games as a culture and in the connection people form through playing games. For all of us at SuperNimbus, games are a hobby and passion. Our lifelong dream was to work in the gaming industry. 

Our vision is to collaborate with game development studios of any size, to develop new processes and tools that will make SuperNimbus the go-to company for game backend development and cloud services and to help our customers make some kick-ass games on the way! 


Why we are different

In SuperNimbus, we understand and recognise that when a studio starts their backend development there can be a certain level of uncertainty surrounding front end and back end requirements.

Our team, with their years of experience in both frontend and backend projects, is uniquely skilled to bridge this gap, provide clarity by communicating with your frontend team on their own terms and help carry the project to its completion. 

We understand the requirements and how to get a job done on time and to your specifications. We work close with your development leads to provide bespoken solutions best suited to your company structure and team, offering consultation and education as the project progresses.

Not all development studios needs us. Some studios will want to keep development in-house. We are here to help the studios that don’t have either the manpower or the time to ramp up on a project or for the studios that just want to focus on making the game fun!

SuperNimbus teams

  • Have all worked with each other and are immediately productive

Highly Skilled

  • Our staff are certified by our partners

Gamers at heart

  • We love games and understand your needs

Sean Durkan

Director Backend & Cloud-Services

Sean has over 10 years experience delivering international software for both back-end and front-end projects. He has previously worked for Gamesparks and Amazon Game Tech creating games and  providing expert advice on solutions and architecture.

In his spare time can be found woodworking and playing games on PC/Switch

Favorite game of all time: Half Life 1 

Currently playing: Oxygen not included 

David O' Neill

Director CLient & Multiplayer

David has a wealth of experience in front-end & back-end development with a knack for workflows and processes. He has previously worked for Gamesparks and Amazon Game Tech on a wide range of titles. His experience and work as technical artist compliments the wider team on improving productivity.

In his spare time can be found painting miniatures, playing games on PC and shooting arrows at things.

Favorite game of all time: Civilization 2

Currently playing : Baldurs Gate 3